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William Betts
Yin Cheng Disciple 'Long Tuo'
Instructor Yin Cheng Wu Style Tai Ji Quan

During his initial career William started a software design company. Every facet of this business was operated under William’s personal direction. Through his hard work and business acumen, Betts Software Design became a highly successful firm. Over a 10 year period this firm generated revenue of several million dollars and maintained as clients many Fortune 100 companies including JP Morgan, Exxon-Mobil, Chase Financial, Bear Stearns u0026amp; Transamerica.

Around the year 2000, William began suffering many of the issues that afflict people in the modern corporate culture. He was highly stressed, worked long hours and had little time to enjoy life and family. He was highly successful financially but started to become disillusioned with state of his everyday life. This disillusionment led him to search for a “better way”. This search led him to many ancient healing arts of the far east including Meditation, Qi Gong u0026amp; Tai Chi.

In late 2000 William was blessed to come across the teachings of Grandmaster Jeffrey J. Guiffre. Grandmaster Guiffre had the distinct honor of being personal disciples of two great teachers Dr. Daniel K. Pai and Great Master Wang Pei Sheng (Yin Cheng) of Beijing, China. Grandmaster Jeffrey J. Guiffre continues a direct teaching lineage of Great Masters from Yang Yu Ting, Wang Mao Zhai, and Quan You, the founder of the old and original Wu style Tai Ji Quan. William has studied under Grandmaster Guiffre’s personal direction since their first meeting.

Grandmaster Guiffre has disseminated to William many aspects of Inwards Kung Fu, Nei Gong, Qi Gong & Tai Ji Quan. One focus of William’s studies has been the healing powers of these arts. While learning to apply these techniques on a personal level, William has overcome and alleviated his own ailments and illnesses through natural and holistic methods. Throughout this process William has also taught others how to apply these techniques to their own life.

Along with his personal wellness and martial art studies, William has immersed himself in Eastern philosophy. His studies have involved many of the great eastern spiritual texts and subjects including The Tao Te Ching, The I Ching and The Diamond Sutra &; The Sutra of Hui-neng. In early 2009, William was entrusted with the title and responsibilities as President and CEO of Motion Health Institute. This organization is responsible for sharing the teachings of Dr. Daniel K. Pai, Great Master Wang and Grandmaster Guiffre. William is truly humbled to be granted this honor and responsibility.

William combined his vast experience in software development and the healing arts to create Qi Gong Live! the first and currently only website to offer a complete schedule of Meditation and Qi Gong classes broadcast live over the internet. Subsequent to Qi Gong Live! Motion Health Institute released MotionHealth.TV, a website encompassing the school’s full curriculum including education from Dr. Pai, Great Master Wang and Grandmaster Guiffre. MotionHealth.TV’s live classes reach audiences across the globe. People from over 49 countries and 16 times zones have attended live events on Qi Gong Live.